Experiencing spiritual India with Hare Krishna

I spent one week with Hare Krishna devotees in their main pilgrimage Vrindavan in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. I spend my time cleaning their holy heritage, freeing the poluted Yamuna river from dirt and garbadge and preparing their everyday ceremonies.

On my last day, many pilgrims were walking around the holy town situated on the bank of the Yamuna. Their spiritual ritual called ‚Pancha Krosi Parikrama‘ starts with a bath in the polluted river as it was here, the legend says, that Sri Krishna killed the Keshi demon and saved his friends. While walking on the ‚Parikrama path‘ the devotees are chanting their Maha Mantra and worship to their blue Goddess.
Colourful ceremonies are held at the Yamuna every night.  Surprisingly, I met many interesting young devotees from South America who taught me a lot about their pursuit of happiness, love and devotion. With only 24 some of them left their entire material life behind to live in a simple so-called ashram on a continent hundreds of miles away from home.


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