Behind the red curtain

How does it feel to walk down the dead roads of one of the most unexplored places on earth – North Korea? I have to admit, it was surprisingly mundane. „Behind the red curtain“ weiterlesen


Die Trauben von Hebron

5,2 Millionen Palästinenser gehören zur Weltbevölkerung der Flüchtlinge. Die fast
50 Jahre andauernde israelische Siedlungspolitik im Westjordanland nimmt vielen
von ihnen die Hoffnung auf eine Lösung des Nahost-Konflikts. Während neben Wohnsiedlungen ganze Fabrikgelände wachsen, werden palästinensische Landbesitzer zwangsenteignet. Ausschnitte aus einem Leben im Belagerungszustand.reportage_palaestina „Die Trauben von Hebron“ weiterlesen

Indonesia: New ‘middle power’ and target of terrorist actions?

After Indonesia’s transition from dictatorship to democratic rule in 1998, the country is said to be the third largest democracy in the world, next to India and the United States. The former East-West rivalry has gone and problems now range from international terrorism to uncertainties in the world’s most vibrant region: the Asia-Pacific. „Indonesia: New ‘middle power’ and target of terrorist actions?“ weiterlesen

India: The power of food as ultimate weapon in world politics

“The Indians need a mass famine. But they aren’t going to get that. We’re going to feed them a new kind of wheat. But if they’re not going to have a famine, the last thing they need is another war.” Those are President Nixon’s words in a conversation with his Assistant for National Security Affairs, Henry Kissinger in the morning of May 26, 1971. „India: The power of food as ultimate weapon in world politics“ weiterlesen