About me

I am a German journalist student looking for new stories from all over the globe. I have been travelling for 12 month, my journey  was filled with unexpected but wonderful turns and changes: From bowing in front of the golden statues of the great leaders in North Korea, to hiding under a scarf on the messy streets of northern India; from 10 days in absolute silence in the middle of the Javanese highlands to the omnipresent honking noises of Burma’s streets; from crawling the 5,600 steps to Buddha’s footprint in Sri Lanka to walking on the longest wall on earth and watching the never sleeping cities of Hongkong, Taipei and Shanghai from their highest skyscrapers; after being food poisoned in Thailand, having lost my passport, phone and credit card in Singapore, got my ID stolen in Bali and having slept in the library while being homeless on Christmas these 12 months couldn’t have been any better and I want to thank every single person that I’ve met on my way!

This year amazed me and gave me much more than just a few pictures, souvenirs, postcards and written stories on this blog can ever describe. It changed me from inside and made me become more thankful and happy with each moment that has passed.

Setting myself high standards, I always aim to extent my competences and to learn from the various cultural influences in our ever-changing modern society.


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